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Le ragioni dell’odio

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– Un gioco semplice semplice. Io dico una parola, dimmi la prima cosa che ti passa per la testa.

– Ah, bello, facciamolo.

– Italia!

– Spaghetti, pizza, mandolino

– Vabbe’, potresti usare un po’ piu’ di fantasia….che ne so, polenta, fonghi e fisarmonica

– Non cominciare! Il gioco l’hai voluto tu.

– Hai ragione, riproviamo.

– Svezia!

– Facile! Societa’ perfetta, biondi e belli, ricchi!

– Come darti torto…in realta’ qualcuno che si lamenta c’e’ e mi piacerebbe capire, andare oltre le parole, capire le ragioni dell’odio…

“If you have the chance to see the map of Europe under the Roman Empire you will see that it never included Sweden. The farthest north it was England. Greek and Roman Empire are the roots of European civilisation and the central Europe is still the heart of European culture.

At that time Sweden was covered with snow and ice and they were barbarians who were killing innocent people in their religious rituals.
It means that this land didn’t share the old European tradition like the countries in the Central Europe.

It was in this country where they had founded the first Ras institute and began with sterilization of people and until 1975 they have managed to sterilize 62000.

Hitler could really learn something useful from the calm Swedes.!

In the 50′ they wanted to test how sugar influences teeth. They went to the mental hospitals and gave to the thousands of patients all kind of sweets to see their teeth being destroyed by the sugar. All their teeth were indeed destroyed and they never saw a dentist after that neither they got analgesics to relieve their pain.

As I know such experiments on living persons have been done only by Nazis in their prison camps.

This country is a sick society my friend. However many people don’t want to see reality. They believe that the highest happiness a human being can achieve is when he has a job. They identity became their job and when they lose they job they become nothing. I have seen Swedes in mental hospitals who have lost their jobs and who were on the brink of suicide. They are the victims of this society, although they will grow old and never understand that.

I was forced to come here because of the war in my homeland. If I compere life we lived with the Swedish way of living I can only say that the majority of Swedes are slaves and I pity them.

It is not easy to live in a country were you almost always must pretend to be happy and never complain. For if you complain they would call you a bitter person and nobody will drink coffee with you on your job.

600 000 Swedes take antidepressant daily to feel happy and satisfied and psychologists are everywhere to say them that there is something wrong with them and they need help instead of this perfect society.

I have met some foreign researchers here in Uppsala who have been here for many years but never met a Swede outside their job and their working colleagues. Some of them don’t even speak Swedish. They have never been in a Swedish suburb neither they know how it feels to come as a refugee from the Middle East or some other country where people are not white.

This is a country of a subtle apartheid. You don’t see it but you feel it with your whole being and the walls are very high although invisible.

If you want to learn something about human nature and the manipulation Sweden is a good choice. I have lived for 28 years in the former Yugoslavia and I have seen what communist in my homeland have done to those who opposed them but after my experiences here in Sweden I have forgiven them their sins. Swedish government are masters of brainwashing and it is luck that nobody have copied their system.

You can also chose to come here and live as a parasite as I do. You wake up in the morning and see all these gorgeous blonds cycling and running against the wind to their jobs while their long blond hair are fluttering
behind them. And you are still in your warm flat waiting for the pension to come

These are the rare moments of happiness. I am saying to myself, “Thank god, what a beauty. She never looks at me
and treats me like air but now she is running to her job and I will also take a little piece of her money.”

Immigrants and foreigners are not treated equal in Sweden. Americans are like kings here. For every Swedish girl it is a dream to be married to an American, especially if he is a white. It is a chance which nobody will miss. When a Swede hear an American talking it is as if Jesus himself is talking to him and he is ready to treat this American person with everything he posses from food to alcohol and he knows at least he will speak English for free!

If you ask me I would say come here but have always in front of your mind an inscription which stood on the gates of all Nazi’s prison camps,
“Arbeit macht frei”

An evil, bitter, ungrateful, unsatisfied immigrant BNW”

Da un forum svedese, un immigrato scrive a chi e’ in procinto di arrivare…


Written by daverik

ottobre 1, 2006 a 12:41 pm

Pubblicato su Svezia

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  1. MA vaffanculo, mi hai fatto prendere un colpo.
    Pensavo chiudessi, coglionazzo!!



    ottobre 1, 2006 at 7:57 pm

  2. questo template e’ definitivo. Non so se wordpress lo rimarra’, non supporta javascript e mi girano le palle:D


    ottobre 1, 2006 at 8:01 pm

  3. lol bello davvero questo template!
    molto pulito e lineare, bella dimostrazione di minimal design 😉


    novembre 9, 2006 at 6:21 am

  4. How to choose a correct energizer? To me help far not all. WBR LeoP


    febbraio 3, 2007 at 9:13 pm


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