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This is the kind of comments you can find in youtube.

May we never forget!

“54 million people died during WWII by any kind of weapon. Germans killed more Russians / Slavs than Jews, but it’s all about the Jews because of the media. The Jews are the disease in the world, they set people up to each other for their own financial gain. We are fighting a war against the muslems for the jews. The jews want to control the world and get rid of all other races.

it’s the truth. Or do you think that only Jews died during WWII ? I guess so ? Did you watch God’s Warriors on CNN tonight ? It’s about Jewish maniacs wanting to control the world. They try to achieve this thru media, Hitler saw that and tried 2 do something about it, unfortunately he failed. Niggers caused aids by raping a monkey, Jews created all other diseases to kill the white and yellow race – the 2 smartest races”

This comment clearly show the ignorance of the person who wrote it. Ignorance….that makes me even more worried.


Written by daverik

agosto 28, 2007 a 11:13 pm

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  1. I think that ignorance, like that, is a crime!
    Reading your post I’m really scared!


    agosto 29, 2007 at 8:08 am


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